Artcare - B72 Retouching Gels

All B72 Retouching Gels enable the conservator/restorer to paint wet-in-wet and achieve the same effects as those found on artworks painted with artist colours or industrial paints. The Gels allow the natural flow and mixing of colours on the painted surface.

Painting wet-in-wet

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The flowers above were painted with Slow - Heavy 20 and Very Slow - Light 10 gels. The use of slow gels permits painting wet-in-wet on large surfaces. Very Slow - Light 10 gel is particularly useful for large scale reconstructions and for painting wet-in-wet over a long period of time. It remains wet on the palette for many hours and so gives a similar experience to that of working with oil paint.

Slow - Heavy 20 Very Slow - Light 10

One can also work wet-in-wet with all the other gels; painting impastos, working with a palette knife, imitating the technique of painting with megilp and glazing wet-in-wet which is impossible to achieve when using standard solutions of retouching media.

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