Artcare - B72 Retouching Gels
Fast - Hard 25 Si Fast - Light 10 Si

Fast - Light 10 Si B72 Retouching Gel contains silica as a matting agent and is also slightly thicker than other light gels. It has been especially developed for retouching absorbent surfaces and absorbent, dry, matt paint such as gouache. Fast - Light 10 Si gel, due to its increased order of liquid crystal phase and the presence of fumed silica, holds the solvent in its structure to a greater degree than other Light gels. This limits the migration of the resin into the absorbent support, and also into the surrounding original absorbent paint, thus preventing their discoloration and the creation of drying rings.

Fast - Hard 25 Si can be added or used on its own for textural effects.

Please see the test of painting with Fast - Light 10 Si on an absorbent support.

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