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B72 Retouching Gels are indispensable media for the retouching/inpainting of modern and contemporary works of art.  They allow the conservator-restorer to imitate idiosyncratic painting materials and techniques used by modern and contemporary artists.

One may find on the paintings a variety of materials added to the paint or to the painting medium: hollow glass spheres, powdered minerals, broken ceramics, sand, etc. One cannot reproduce such effects using typical retouching media (low viscosity solutions of resins) without resorting to the use of materials less stable than Paraloid B72. However Paraloid B72 based B72 Retouching Gels permit the use of unusual paint filling materials. Painting with sand serves as a good example for illustrating the limitations of a normal retouching medium compared with the effects achievable by the use of Gels.

Painting with sand

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The red sample was painted with 15% solution of Paraloid B72 in 1-methoxy-2-propanol. The yellow sample was painted with Fast - Light 10 gel. Paint was applied with a large size, soft sable brush.

Painting with sand using Paraloid B72 15% solution

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Painting with sand using 15% Paraloid B72 solution.

Painting with sand using B72 Retouching Gel

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Painting with sand using Fast - Light 10 B72 Retouching Gel.

In contrast to Paraloid B72 solution the Fast - Light 10 gel permits an even distribution of sand in the paint layer. B72 Retouching Gels allow retouching with paint containing large particles of filler. They also allow painting with hand-ground mineral pigments characterised by a wide range particle size distribution and with large pigment particles.

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