B72 Retouching Gels

Transparent canvas texture and brushstrokes can be reproduced on the surface of large fillings or on paint surfaces damaged by excessive heat and pressure. Fast drying gels are most suitable for this purpose. Fast - Hard 25 Si and Fast - Heavy 20 B72 Retouching Gels are recommended.

B72 Retouching Gel / Fast - Hard 25 Si B72 Retouching Gel / Fast - Heavy 20

In the example illustrated below the textures were applied onto a smooth surface of glossy photographic paper. The gel was coloured by the addition of burnt sienna in order to make the textures clearly visible on the photographs.

Different mesh gauges Needlepoint canvas + Painting spatula

The canvas texture can be applied using needlepoint canvas of different mesh gauges and a painting spatula. The textures can be applied both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. The gel will hold the mesh in position. The density of gel spots and their thickness can be varied by the choice of a different canvas with a different mesh gauge. Needlepoint canvas or any other net or mesh that you decide to use should be flattened before the procedure.

Colouring of the gel Application of B72 Retouching Gel / Fast - Hard 25 Si

The gel should be spread and pressed with the painting spatula or palette knife into the openings in the canvas ensuring that it penetrates deep enough to be in contact with the support.

Partial drying Crisp canvas texture

Mesh with the applied gel should be left for a while until the gel thickens. Typically from a few minutes up to 10. The time depends on the absorbency of the support and the absorbency of the mesh used, the temperature, air flow and the desired result. Early removal of the mesh will result in a softer texture, leaving the mesh for longer will give a crisper effect. One can control the effect by lifting the edge of the mesh and judging when it should be removed. Care should be taken when lifting the mesh from the surface. A parallel movement to the surface will result in the gel texture being smudged.

Crisp canvas texture - Macrophotograph

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Texture applied with Fast - Hard 25 Si gel.

Soft canvas texture - Macrophotograph

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Texture applied with Fast - Heavy 20 gel.

The appearance of the texture is also controlled by the choice of gel. Fast - Hard 25 Si gel produces well-defined sharp textures, whereas the use of Fast - Heavy 20 gel delivers soft, fluid textures. For intermediate effects a mixture of both gels can be used.

The texture should be left for at least a day to dry completely before varnishing or overpainting.

Bristle brushes

Transparent textures can be painted on the top of the paint layer or on the top of retouching using sable or bristle brushes. Well-used bristle brushes are the best for applying impastos and for stippling. Similar textures can be painted on fillings prior to retouching. For this purpose Fast - Hard 25 Si gel is recommended.

Stippled texture

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Brushstroke texture

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