Artcare - B72 Retouching Gels
Sealing of open cracks before varnishing

B72 Retouching Gels are invaluable as a sealant for closing open cracks on paintings. Hard gels are recommended for that purpose, but Light gels can also be used depending on the width of the cracks. After the retouching/inpainting of the painting is completed the gel can be rubbed into the cracks with a sable brush. It will dry giving a continuous layer. This will stop the final varnish, applied by brush, from sinking into the cracks and will prevent the creation of a matt vein pattern on the surface of the painting once the varnish is dry.

Open cracks on modern painting

This is especially important in the case of modern flat field paintings where a perfect finish is essential.

On the left a pattern of open cracks on a modern painting before restoration shown in raking light.

B72 Retouching Gels can also be used for sealing absorbent surfaces. Applied on an absorbent surface they will not sink and upon drying will form a continuous film. Gels can be used for sealing absorbent areas of the painting and also for sealing dry absorbent retouching paint before varnishing to ensure an even finish to the painting.

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