Mixing and Matching
Mixing and Matching: Approaches to Retouching Paintings

Mixing and Matching: Approaches to Retouching Paintings
Edited by Rebecca Ellison, Patricia Smithen and Rachel Turnbull
ISBN: 9781904982500, paperback, 200 Pages, 119 Illustrations

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The three one-day conferences from which the papers in this title are taken were jointly hosted by Paintings Group of the Institute of Conservation (ICON) and the British Association of Painting Conservators-Restorers (BAPCR) and held at the Courtauld Institute in London in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The conferences explored egg tempera retouching, resin retouching and retouching complex surfaces.

The papers in this volume discuss various approaches to retouching paintings and the challenges that they present to the conservator. They cover the history behind techniques used today and also the scientific basis of conservation and restoration techniques.


Rebecca Ellison

Section One: Egg Tempera Retouching

Rachel Turnbull

The History of Egg Tempera as a Retouching Medium
Ann Massing

The Composition and Chemistry of Eggs and Egg Tempera
Alan Phenix

The Art of Tempera Retouching
Mary Kempski

Section Two: Resin Retouching

Rebecca Ellison

Retouching Media used at the National Gallery, London, since the Nineteenth Century
Paul Ackroyd

The State of Research into Retouching Resins
Spike Bucklow

Properties of Pigments, Retouching Media and their Use.
Peter Koneczny

Retouching with a PVA Resin Medium
Sarah Cove

Retouching with Paraloid B72
Kate Lowry

Retouching with Gamblin Conservation Colours
Jill Dunkerton

Section Three: Retouching Complex Surfaces

Patricia Smithen

The use of a Portable Spectrophotometer for Retouching
Stig Evans, Andrew Hanson

An Unusual Case of Integration and its Solution
Marco Ciatti, Paolo Roma Oriana Sartiani, Leonardo Severini

Two Case Histories
Pushing the Border of Retouching and Reconstruction
Can enough ever be too much?
Laurent Sozzani

An Introduction to B72 Retouching Gels
Peter Koneczny

The Properties of B72 Retouching Gels and their use
Peter Koneczny

Texturing Fills with Silicone Moulds
Simon Folkes, Sophie Reddington

Retouching Media for Acrylic Paintings
Maureen Cross, Shelley Simms


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